DiGeorge Syndrome (Thymic Dysplasia)

Intermediate Nursing
Immune System
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In this lesson, we will identify what DiGeorge Syndrome is and what causes it.  We will go over varied signs and symptoms that clients with this disorder may display.  Key nursing assessments and symptoms management will be covered along with an introduction to diagnostic testing that will be used to confirm the disorder.  We will do an in depth review of potential complications of DiGeorge Syndrome and finally assess nursing interventions and important client education topics to help manage symptoms of this chronic disorder.


Learning Objectives:

 Upon the completion of this lesson, learners will be able to:

  1. Describe the cause of DiGeorge syndrome
  2. Discuss signs and symptoms of DiGeorge syndrome
  3. Identify testing used to diagnose DiGeorge syndrome
  4. Identify nursing interventions for managing DiGeorge Syndrome

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