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Dumbing Down Those Difficult Nursing Concepts

Learn how to work smarter not harder. Nursing is difficult, we just try to make it a little easier for you!

  • Short, concise, and easy to follow lectures. 
  •  Easy to understand, you can learn without all those pages of notes.
  • Simple Techniques to help break down common nursing content, topics, and questions.

NCLEX® Ready Content That Helps You Prepare For Testing

 Learn the absolute “must knows” that will help you successfully pass the  NCLEX® exam on your first try.

  • Courses that help you to focus on content areas which are typically tested heavily in nursing school and on the NCLEX.
  • Course thats helps you to critically “Think Like a Nurse”
  • Courses that give you the “need to know” for the NCLEX-RN® &  NCLEX-PN® exam .

Educators and Mentors That Have Real Experience With Nursing Students

Learning from highly qualified educators is one of the first steps to successfully getting your nursing degree and licence. We’ve found them for you.

  • Get access to high quality instruction from top Nursing Educators in the country.

  • Educators that help you to “Dumb Down” nursing topics to make it simple to learn.

  • Mentors that “actually mentor” and not simply sit on a phone call for 20 minutes.

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