Verna D. Grizzle


I am a result-driven nursing professional with over 24 years of progressive experience. I also have 17 years of leadership and educational expertise in healthcare and academia.  I’ve been recognized as a strong transformational leader and a strategic visionary. Nursing has been my life. I would not have it any other way. My principal goal is to assist nursing schools with developing their programs that are designed with clarity, economy, logic, and a much greater level of student engagement. But more importantly, as an educator, I take great pride in helping individuals pass the NCLEX to become torchbearers of this wonderfully meaningful nursing profession.


Judith L. Evans


With 25 years of nursing experience including 12 years in education, I have worked with a diverse population of students trying to instill a desire to succeed and lead in the nursing profession.  My 12 years in nursing education with engagement in the classroom and online, curriculum development and on the administrative side of education, there is nothing more exciting and rewarding than to see the moment that understanding takes place with my students. My responsibility exists not only to the program success but also a tremendous emphasis on helping students to pass the NCLEX.


Cornelia E. Crum

Pharmacology & Fundamentals of Nursing

I am a productive, goal-oriented, and devoted nurse educator committed to student excellence. I have a strong belief in “paying it forward”, or helping others. Passing the NCLEX exam has been a mental strain for many of my students. Through many years of experience, I’ve continued to develop innovative ways to transfer my knowledge to students.


Patrice L. Hatcher


I am a dedicated NICU educator with over 26 years of nursing and management experience. As a member of the Association of Women’s Health Obstetric and Neonatal Nurses and the National Association of Neonatal Nurses, I have had many opportunities to participate and foresee results in creating a solid foundation for prospective nursing professionals. Emerging from the business aspect of nursing, my professional plan is to help nursing students understand the leadership and management component on the NCLEX in order to be successful on the exam.


Odette Taylor

Medical-Surgical & Pharmacology

I have been teaching nursing students for over 8 years. With 17 years of nursing experience, I can honestly say, I LOVE this profession and I LOVE teaching. To see students enter nursing school with limited knowledge, I am amazed at their rapid growth of learning and their eagerness to become great nurses. My goal is to continue serving as a role model with emphasis on mentoring and supporting their educational needs.

Dinorah Rodriguez-Warren

Maternal/Newborn & Medical/Surgical Nursing

Providing positive outcomes in nursing creates the “drive” for me.  I strive for quality and expect the best in our nursing profession. My passion for learning has substantially evolved into teaching and helping nursing students reach their professional goals. As a nurse practitioner and educator for over 30 years, I will continuously dedicate my efforts to promote student learning to meet the physical, emotional and intellectual needs of our future nurses.


Lynn Vasquez

Maternal/Newborn & Pediatrics Nursing

I am a dedicated educator with over 44 years of nursing and leadership experience to share with my students. I spent many years providing specialized nursing education which includes maternal/newborn and pediatric nursing in the US and internationally.  Helping students has truly cultivated my passion for nursing. My ability to empower others and lead by example represent my professional standards to facilitate student learning to successfully achieve their RN or LPN license.

Susan T. McElvain

Mental Health Nursing

I’ve been told I’m like a “walking mental health textbook” when it comes to nursing! I’ve been a nursing professional for over 37 years and have mentored some of the most talented nurses throughout the country. Having acquired a certification of Exempt Review status, my experience, and educational background has paid dividends for my students in the application of real-world nursing practice. My love for mental health nursing not only allow me to grow in the profession, it helps me to serve as an effective high-level instructor for student educational needs.