In this lesson, we are going to review restraints and identify the important clinical, legal, and ethical roles that nurses play when considering and using any kind of restraint on a client.  We will go over types of restraints and

Fall Prevention

One of the most important aspects of nursing is ensuring client safety.  Falls in a healthcare setting can cause serious injury so in this lesson, we will review some factors that contribute to falls and identify nursing interventions to promote


In this lesson, we will identify and describe the function of structures that make up the musculoskeletal system and how they contribute to physical mobility.  Additionally, we will explore types of joints and joint movements and identify factors that contribute

Positioning – Ergonomics/ Body Mechanics

In this lesson, let’s go over safety and proper positioning techniques in terms of preventing injury to the client and to yourself.  We are going to go over specific therapeutic positions and why they are used along with how to

Disaster Management

In this lesson, we are going to outline disaster management in a healthcare setting and identify some types of disasters that facilities and nurses need to be prepared for.  We will also review the triage system used in healthcare that

Poison Control

In this lesson, we are going to go over the nurses role in poison control which includes the prevention and treatment of ingesting or coming into contact with poisonous or toxic materials.  We will also go over signs and symptoms

Fire Safety

What do you do if a fire occurs in a healthcare facility?  Every facility will have its own policies and protocols for this situation, but there are some standard nursing responsibilities regarding fire safety that you need to be familiar


In this lesson, we will give a brief review of what CPR is and of how it is used as a life saving measure in certain emergency situations.  We will identify when to perform CPR and identify nursing responsibilities for