Student Background:

  • Student Name Jessica Burns
  • Graduation Date 05-15-2020
  • Student Age 23
  • Main Problem Pressure from parents to become a nurse


Jessica is 23 years old, she lived with her parents while attending university to obtain her Bachelors of Science in Nursing degree (BSN).  Previously, Jessica attended college to pursue a degree in political science.  After her first year in the program, she decided to quit due to lack of interest.  Jessica’s mother, who is a Registered Nurse, convinced her to attend nursing school.  In 2016, Jessica was accepted into a BSN program in New York.

Challenges Affecting Jessica’s Learning

Jessica’s first year of nursing school was extremely difficult. However, she managed to push through with support from her mother.  During Jessica’s second year in the program, once again she was hard-pressed with the challenges of school.  The courses got harder, the exams got harder and attending clinicals got harder especially trying to get to her clinical sites by 6:30 am 2-times per week.  

Jessica loved nursing, she desperately wanted to please her parents to make them proud.  However, as the pressure of school mounted, so did her stress level.  Jessica didn’t understand why she was struggling so much in school or why she couldn’t put the pieces together to understand nursing concepts.  Cardiovascular system, Fluid & Electrolytes and Pharmacology were her most difficult courses.  She failed multiple exams and was threatened with expulsion from the program.

The Process

During Jessica’s second year of nursing school, she sought out NCLEXEd online nursing programs and immediately subscribed to their monthly Nursing Prep Standard Program.  She received her initial interview with the Student Success Representative and was given directions on how to succeed in the program.  


Step 1:  Jessica had an initial live meeting with her online nursing instructor.  

Step 2: Jessica had to complete a pre-assessment test and a learning style questionnaire to determine nursing content areas needing improvement and to identify Jessica’s proficiency in learning. 

Step 3:  Once the nursing content areas were identified, Jessica  was instructed to watch her NCLEXEd on-demand nursing video lectures series starting with the introductory lectures on the cardiovascular system, fluid & electrolytes and pharmacology, then review the anatomy and physiology lectures followed by all the disorder lectures associated to each topic. 

Step 4:  Jessica also had to create a daily study calendar which includes her school schedule, clinical schedule, dates of all upcoming exams and a schedule for any social activities.  A copy of her schedule was also provided to her NCLEXEd instructor for review and to help Jessica remain on track with her school work.

Step 5:  NCLEXEd course study guides and lecture notes were also highly recommended to review prior to completing the quizzes.

Step 6:  After Jessica watched each lecture and reviewed the study guides, she took  the quizzes assigned to each topic. 

Step 7:  Based on the result of the quiz, if Jessica received 80% or below, she was instructed to rewatch the lectures, review the study guides then take the second quiz.   

Step 8:  The instructor contacted Jessica a minimum two times per week via phone and email to follow up with her performance, provide feedback on her quizzes or help her with any questions or concerns. Once Jessica completed the entire program, she took NCLEXEd Post-Readiness Assessment exam to evaluate her readiness to pass the NCLEX-RN® exam.


The Results

On July 17, 2020, Jessica passed her NCLEX-RN® exam and currently works as an Registered Nurse in a well-renowned hospital in New York. 


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