Student Background:

  • Student Name Katlyn McNaughton
  • Graduation Date TBD 2022
  • Student Age 19
  • Main Problem First time exposed to the healthcare industry, Having difficulty understanding nursing concepts and performing clinical skills.


Katlyn is 19 years old, she is a recent graduate from high school and currently enrolled in a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing (BSN) program in Ohio.  Katlyn lives with her parents who greatly supports her educational and financial needs.


Challenges Affecting Katlyn’s Learning

Katlyn is in her 3rd semester of nursing school, she is taking two courses (Health Assessment and Basic Pharmacology) including attending clinicals twice per week at a local hospital.  


  1. Katlyn’s clinical skills have been unsatisfactory.  This is related to lack of understanding theoretical concepts of the body systems in her Health Assessment course.  
  2. This is Katlyn’s first exposure to healthcare including learning nursing concepts and clinical skills.
  3. Katlyn also struggles with Pharmacology, she has difficulty grasping drug calculations, differentiating drug classifications and understanding the dimensional analysis process. 

The Process

Katlyn contacted NCLEXEd for help and enrolled in the Nursing Prep Standard Program.  


Step 1: Katlyn met with her NCLEXEd instructor and created a study calendar. They discussed in detail ways to improve her nursing knowledge and clinical skills.

Step 2: First, Katlyn was instructed to watch the introductory lecture series on Safe and Effective Care and Basic Nursing Skills.  Then she had to complete all the fundamental lectures along with the quizzes for each lecture. Katlyn also completed the health assessment lectures and the pharmacology lectures specifically “How to Study Pharmacology”, “Dimensional Analysis” and “Medication Administration and Drug Classifications”.  Once the lectures were completed, Katlyn took the quizzes for each lecture.  

Step 3:  Katlyn also reviewed NCLEXEd course study guides and the lecture notes prior to taking the quizzes. 

Step 4: Each week the NCLEXEd instructor contacted Katlyn via live video chat and email to discuss her performance and provide feedback.  Katlyn also frequently communicated with other NCLEXEd students for additional support.

The Results

It has been seven weeks since Katlyn started the NCLEXEd program.  She is super excited!  Katlyn stated her Health Assessment and Pharmacology online lectures have been extremely helpful, easy to understand and user-friendly.  But more importantly, she enjoys the Live Chats with other students including her instructors related to specific nursing topics or to help breakdown test questions.  Last week Katlyn told her NCLEXEd instructor that her pharmacology and health assessment exam grades increased by 20%; she is super happy and can’t believe she’s now getting 80%-92% on her exams. 

Katlyn is very proud of her accomplishments and looking forward to continuing with her NCLEXEd program until she successfully passes the NCLEX-RN® in 2022.  


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