Student Background:

  • Student Name Marie Jean-Baptiste
  • Graduation Date TBD 2020-2021
  • Student Age 38
  • Main Problem Language barrier, limited family support, Feeling stressed out, Lacking time management.


Marie is 38 years old, she has 2 children (ages 9, 2).  She lived in Haiti for 24 years and worked as a Bank Manager before moving to the United States. Unfortunately, Marie didn’t have the certifications to work in the US banking system, therefore, she decided to change her career from business to healthcare.  She enrolled in the Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) program and currently employed as a CNA in a long term care hospital.  

In 2019, Marie continued her nursing journey, she was accepted into an Associate’s Degree in Nursing program (ADN) located in Pennsylvania.  At present, Marie is in her fourth semester of the RN program.  Needless to say, it has not been easy.  Marie’s been experiencing great difficulty with her Med/Surg courses; specifically Endocrine and Acid-Base Imbalance.  


Challenges Affecting Marie’s Learning


  1. Works 3 days per weeks-12 hour shifts including weekends
  2. Minimal support system – Husband works long hours and not overly supportive.
  1. Many financial obligations causing her additional stress. 
  2. Limited time to care for her children while attending school and work.
  3. Not enough time to study for exams.
  4. Not able to attend study groups or in-school tutoring sessions due to time constraints.
  5. Language barriers – specifically understanding medical terminology


The Process

Marie contacted NCLEXEd for help.  She was advised to enroll in the Nursing Prep Standard Program


Step 1:  Marie met with her NCLEXEd nursing instructor via live video conference to identify her goals and learning opportunities.   Marie and her instructor developed a personalized study plan to use throughout the program.  

Step 2:  Marie received her pre-assessment test to determine her nursing knowledge and critical thinking skills.  Because english is Marie’s second language, she often encounters challenges with medical terminology words.  She was instructed to watch NCLEXEd video lectures on Medical Terminology – “How to Breakdown Medical Words”. 

Step 3:  After completing the medical terminology lecture series, Marie was instructed to watch the lectures on Time Management, How to Study and Test Taking Tips. 

Step 4:  Next, Marie had to review the courses she’s been struggling with in school (Endocrine system and Acid-Base Imbalance).  First she watched the introductory lectures on “How to Master Endocrine System” and “How to Master Acid-Base”.  Then she watched the remaining lectures on each nursing topic including taking the quiz for each lecture.  

Step 5:  Marie was also instructed to review NCLEXEd course study guides and the lecture notes provided prior to taking each quiz.

Step 6:  Based on the result of the quizzes, Marie was advised to review the lectures again if 80% or above was not obtained.

Step 7:  Marie received follow-up phone calls and email communication from her instructor each week to offer support or answer any questions.  Marie also received a weekly performance report with recommendations.  


The Results

After eight weeks of using NCLEXEd Nursing Prep Standard program, Marie stated she is very pleased with her performance.  Her level of confidence has greatly improved, she has a better understanding of medical terminology words and she is happy to share her exam grades have jumped from the low 60’s to 80’s-90’s.  


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