Student Background:

  • Student Name Nancy Toralde
  • Graduation Date TBD 2021
  • Student Age 24
  • Main Problem Unfavourable relationship with nursing instructors, Anxious, Does not feel confident.


Nancy is 24 years old and currently enrolled in a 2 year nursing program in Toronto, Canada.  Two years prior to starting nursing school, she admitted to drugs and alcohol addiction.  Nancy’s life has been very complicated, her father was in jail and her mother couldn’t financially support the family. Hence the reason Nancy resorted to drugs and alcohol.  Needless to say, Nancy underwent rehabilitation and has since recovered.


Challenges Affecting Nancy’s Learning

Nursing school has been overwhelming for Nancy, she is experiencing many challenges with her school work as a result of her relationship with the nursing instructors.  


  1. Nancy believes her struggles in school relates to her instructors’ negative attitude; lack of teaching experience and inconsistencies with classroom preparation. 
  1. Nancy feels her instructors are not supportive.  They frequently engage in belittling comments such as, “What’s wrong with you? Why can’t you learn? Or “If you study harder, maybe you can pass your exams”.   
  1. Nancy is experiencing lack of self-confidence, motivation and feels like giving up.  
  1. Nancy has difficulty focusing and concentrating on school work to effectively study for her exams.


The Process

Nancy contacted NCLEXEd for help.  She was advised to subscribe to NCLEXEd Online Nursing Prep Standard Program.  

Step 1:  Nancy met with her NCLEXEd coach via live video conference.  A personality assessment questionnaire and a nursing content assessment test was completed. As a result of the personality questionnaire and the assessment test, Nancy and her coach created a  personalized structured study plan for the program.  

Step 2:   First, Nancy was instructed to watch the NCLEXEd lecture series on Therapeutic Communication, The Role of a Nurse and Ethics in Nursing and Test Anxiety.  These videos were to help Nancy with communication techniques and ways to build positive relationships in the classroom. Once she completed these lectures, Nancy reviewed the lectures on specific nursing topics identified from her assessment test. 

Step 3:  Each week Nancy received a phone call and follow up emails to discuss her progress in the program and to provide support as needed.   

Step 4:  Nancy also communicated with her online peers via live chat to discuss nursing topics. 


The Results

Since Nancy started NCLEXEd online program, her performance in the classroom has significantly improved.  Her level of confidence and engagement has motivated her to push forward in her nursing program. Aside from Nancy’s personality development, her test grades have also improved.  Her med/surg exams boosted from the 50’s-60’s percentile to the 80’s percentile.  

In addition, as Nancy continues with her NCLEXEd online program, she has never hesitated to reach out to her NCLEXEd instructors as her support system.  The instructors have taught Nancy how to improve her self-confidence toward school and her personal life. But more importantly, Nancy knows if she works hard and continues to  build positive relationships she will succeed with greater outcomes.   




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