Student Background:

  • Student Name Stephanie Cruz
  • Graduation Date 10-23-2018
  • Student Age 30
  • Main Problem Work-Life Balance (raising children, working 5 days per week)


Stephanie is 30 years old, she was born in Puerto Rico then in 2014 moved to the United States with her family.  As a single mother raising three girls (ages 3, 5, 6), working part-time and attending nursing school, Stephanie encountered several obstacles that hindered her progress in school. 

Challenges Affecting Stephanie’s Learning:

Stephanie’s first year of nursing school was extremely difficult, she struggled with her Foundations of Nursing and Basic Pharmacology courses.  Not to mention, she had a language barrier which created additional challenges in learning. 

Stephanie became very frustrated with the demands of the school and wanted to give up.  The stress of  weekly exams and quizzes, working 5 days per week, caring for her children and studying for exams was nearly impossible for Stephanie. 

In addition, due to lack of sleep, lack of time management and lack of organization,  Stephine knew she had to make changes to create a balance between school and her personal life.  She expressed her concerns to a friend and was advised to contact NCLEXEd for help. 

The Process:

Stephanie contacted NCLEXEd and connected with the Student Success Representative.  She further explained the limitations and struggles she was facing and requested additional support. 

Step 1:  Stephanie enrolled in NCLEXEd 6-Weeks One-on-One Mentorship program She was assigned to a Mentorship Coach to help improve her nursing knowledge and self-confidence. 

Step 2: Stephanie received full access to NCLEXEd online video nursing content video library including thousands of practice test questions with rationales to enhance her learning. 

Step 3: Stephanie met with her Mentorship Coach on a weekly basis via Virtual Live video conference to review nursing topics she had difficulty learning.  She was also provided with tools to help answer and breakdown NCLEX® style test questions. 

Step 4: Each week Stephanie was tested on specific nursing topics via Live lectures and practice quizzes.  

Step 5: The final step included completing a comprehensive exam and a Post-Readiness Assessment exam.  The results were provided via written analysis including a live virtual meeting with her coach to discuss the “Greenlight” process.  This process evaluated Stephanie’s comprehension of nursing concepts and her readiness to pass her exams including the NCLEX® exam. 

The Result:

After Stephanie completed her 6-Weeks One-One-One Mentorship program, she steadily improved her grades in her nursing program. She maintained her online subscription with NCLEXEd until she completed nursing school.   

On January 16, 2019, Stephanie passed the NCLEX-RN® . She currently works as a Lead Nursing Supervisor at a State Prison in Florida.  


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