Student Background:

  • Student Name Stephen Marlow
  • Graduation Date TBD 2021
  • Student Age 20
  • Main Problem Difficulty with accelerated nursing program, Having trouble learning how to study for exams, Lacks discipline.


Stephen is 20 years old.  After completing high school 2 years ago, he enrolled in a 18-months accelerated RN nursing program located in Texas. Stephen lives with his parents, three siblings and works part-time as a security guard on the night shift.  

Challenges Affecting Stephen’s Learning

Stephen is facing many challenges in the hybrid program.  In his general education courses (A&P and Biology) he repeated both courses due to failures. However, he eventually succeeded to move forward into the core nursing courses (Health Assessment and Foundation of Nursing).  It’s been two months since Stephen started these courses and he’s feeling swamped and overwhelmed with school work. 

What’s causing Stephen’s challenges?

  1. The program is accelerated, it’s fast-paced and condensed with long class hours within a 10-weeks semester rotation.
  1. Stephen works 3 nights per week with limited time to study.
  2. Stephen is not disciplined enough to effectively prepare for his upcoming classes. He prefers to hangout with friends instead of completing homework assignments.
  1. Stephen complains he does not understand how to study or how to take adequate notes during lectures.
  1. Stephen does not have a schedule to stay on track with school and work. 

The Process

Stephen contacted NCLEXEd for help.  In his interview with NCLEXEd Student Success Representative, he stated he tried other online nursing prep programs and it didn’t work out for him.  After providing the best option for Stephen, he enrolled in the Mentorship Prep Plus program.  


Step 1:  Stephen met with his online Mentorship Coach via live meeting to discuss his goals, expectations and his ability to succeed in his nursing program. 

Step 2:  Stephen and his coach developed a study plan based on his daily, weekly and monthly obligations.  

Step 3:   Next, Stephen attended his online course orientation with his coach.

Step 4:   Stephen received his pre-assessment test to identify nursing content areas needing improvement. 

Step 5:  Next, Stephen reviewed the video lectures on Time Management, How to Study, Note Taking Tips and Critical Thinking Strategies.  Then he was instructed to watch the introductory lectures on the courses he was having difficulty with in school (Foundations of Nursing and Health Assessment).  

Step 6:  Each day Stephen had to review these lectures followed by a quiz. 

Step 7:  Stephen had to meet with his coach two times per week via live video meeting to review his quizzes, specifically how to help him understand why he got certain questions wrong and how to critically think to put the pieces together.  

Step 8:  Each week, Stephen received verbal and written feedback from his coach about his progress.

Step 9:  Stephen also took advantage of communicating with other NCLEXEd students via live chat to discuss nursing topics or to build a support system with like-minded nursing students. 

The Result

Since Stephen started NCLEXEd online Mentorship Prep Plus program, he demonstrated vast improvement in his test scores.  He has greater understanding how to answer and breakdown test questions. He is also actively participating in NCLEXEd online study group to improve his nursing knowledge.  Stephen is self-assured he will successfully complete his nursing program in February 2021.



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