The Top of 5% of Nurse Educators

NCLEXEd is about providing quality nursing education. We can only deliver on our promise by working with the top nurses in the country. We are experienced professionals in our respective fields and are continuously seeking new talent to expand our network. Our educators are carefully selected and have all undergone rigorous training to get to where they are today.

Of the hundreds qualified nurses seeking to become an NCLEXEd educator, as little as 5% actually become educators.

Built With Care

NCLEXEd is built on the foundation that each and every student has a unique learning style. In order for us to help you pass the NCLEX® exam, we first need to understand who you are. Our approach to passing the NCLEX® exam is based on what we call “storied content delivery”. A method in which discussion, visualization, and individual attention are blended into the perfect course for our students.

Learning Through Discussion

Our NCLEX® programs are designed to be interactive and enjoyable. We understand that studying in groups helps students learn NCLEX® content more effectively. Our discussion-based sessions within the course help elucidate many difficult concepts and provide alternate ways for students to grasp difficult terms and theories.

Learning Through Visualization

NCLEXEd programs incorporate a process that focuses on having our students visually identify common themes frequently associated with the NCLEX© exam. For an individual to maximize their learning, visualization is key. By using various visual aids, we effectively decrease learning time, improve comprehension, and increase retention.

One on One Learning

What is found in many NCLEX® review courses is a high student to instructor ratio. We’ve offered a different approach by lowering the ratio within the classroom. Smaller rooms and fewer students lead to a more productive learning environment. It gives us an opportunity to not only deliver content but to study our student’s behavior. It allows us to make in-class assessments and identify where students need improvement. Quality over quantity always wins.