Gerontology – Nursing Older Adults

What is gerontology?  We have “ology” so we know it is the study of something.  This is the study of older adults and focuses on promoting health and recognizing normal physical, mental, and functional changes of aging.  In this lesson,

Nasogastric Tube Placement and Removal & Tube...

In this lesson, we will discuss some factors that would indicate the use of a nasogastric tube.   We will also outline how to insert, manage, and withdraw a nasogastric tube using proper techniques.  Lastly, we will discuss special consideration


In this lesson, we are going to go review the importance of nutrition and proper hydration on normal body functioning, healing from injury, and managing chronic illness.  We will review some of the most common therapeutic diets that nurses need


In this lesson, we are going to review restraints and identify the important clinical, legal, and ethical roles that nurses play when considering and using any kind of restraint on a client.  We will go over types of restraints and

Fall Prevention

One of the most important aspects of nursing is ensuring client safety.  Falls in a healthcare setting can cause serious injury so in this lesson, we will review some factors that contribute to falls and identify nursing interventions to promote


In this lesson, we will identify and describe the function of structures that make up the musculoskeletal system and how they contribute to physical mobility.  Additionally, we will explore types of joints and joint movements and identify factors that contribute

Positioning – Ergonomics/ Body Mechanics

In this lesson, let’s go over safety and proper positioning techniques in terms of preventing injury to the client and to yourself.  We are going to go over specific therapeutic positions and why they are used along with how to