What is Question Prep Plus?

The key to correctly preparing for the NCLEX® Exam is having proper guidance. Our Mentorship Prep Plus Program is designed to ensure students are always focusing on the areas of study that will lead to a successful passing score. We follow a tried and proven three-step process.

Step 1: Initial Assessment & DSP

The very first step in understanding how to prepare for the NCLEX® Exam is to have a virtual discovery meeting with your Mentor. During this important step, your Mentor will test your knowledge and start a DSP (Designated Study Plan) that is individualized for you.

Step 2: Weekly Mentorship Sessions

You will meet with your Mentor once per week and they will review your quiz diagnostics, study time, and breakdown content based on your results. This step is required each week and accelerates preparation for NCLEX® Exam.

Step 3: NCSBN® Exam Simulations

Based on your Mentors recommendations, we will "green light" you to book your NCLEX® test date. You will be given a series of NCSBN® Exam Simulations by your Mentor to help you prepare for the types of questions you will see on the NCLEX® Exam. Keeping knowledge fresh in your mind at all times is vital to successfully pass the NCLEX® Exam.

The NCLEX® Preparation Program That Works

Our program is designed to help students master the most common NCLEX® preparation mistakes.



78% of our students have difficulty with anxiety when preparing for the NCLEX® exam. Through repeated exercises with your mentor, students can learn how to overcome that feeling.

Time Management

Time Management

Proper preparation requires the ability to manage time. With students busy working or attending school, this is impossible. Mentors provide that added safety layer by ensuring students remain on track while preparing for the NCLEX® exam.

Question Cramming

Question Cramming

Question cramming is a common mistake that a mentor will identify immediately. Mentors then provide you with the right type of questions to practice based on your individual needs.

Content Cramming

Content Cramming

Similar to question cramming is content cramming. Students cram due to the inability to time manage and prioritize. Mentors solve both these problems.



Students feel the need to study everything. This only wastes time and energy. Mentors will tell you what to and what not to study at every moment of your preparation journey. This ensures your time is being utilized most efficiently.



Learning how to self-assess is a critical step in NCLEX® preparation. Once students have mastered this they can move quickly onto the next content area. Mentors demonstrate the correct way to assess yourself and how to interpret your results.

Over 7,000+ Successful Students

Join the thousands of students worldwide who are using NCLEXEd as their primary source for NCLEX® preparation.

Everything needed to prepare for the for NCLEX®

Case Study: How Paige became an RN

Meet Paige. Before joining NCLEXED, she felt overwhelmed with the amount of text books she had to consume to pass the NCLEX-RN Exam. Watch the video and discover how Paige fast tracked her way through with NCLEXED.

Do I really need this Mentorship Program?

Hear from our Program Director and find out the 5 "Must Do's" to successfully pass the NCLEX® Exam. 

Who is the Mentorship Program for?

  • Graduate students who have been out of nursing school for more than one years.
  • Graduate students who have been too busy with work and have difficulty understanding how to start preparing for the NCLEX® Exam.
  • Repeat testers who are unable to understand why they are “not getting it“.
  • Nursing students who are getting ready to graduate and would like to ensure they pass on their first attempt.


No need to take our word, listen to our students...

What exactly do I get with this program?

1x NCLEX® Readiness Assessment $129

4x Weekly Mentorship Sessions: $1900

1x HESI Readiness Assessment $129

7x “Greenlight” Exit Exams $700

1300+ HD Video Lectures $50
2300+ NCLEX® Style Questions $89
1000+ Study Guides $349
650+ Lecture Guides $175

Bonus #1: NCLEXEd Workbook

Bonus #1: NCLEXEd Workbook

With a 4.9 star review on amazon.com, this NCLEX review book's primary focus is on the "need to know" areas on the NCLEX® Exam. A valuable asset to any student in preparation mode.

Bonus #2: Official NCLEXEd Mentorship Prep Plus T-Shirt

Bonus #2: Official NCLEXEd Mentorship Prep Plus T-Shirt

Feel proud of your accomplishments! Once you've completed the Mentorship Prep Plus program and have been greenlighted, we will send you a complimentary T-Shirt with the words "Officially NCLEXEd"!

Bonus #3: Access to our Private NCLEXEd Slack Group

Bonus #3: Access to our Private NCLEXEd Slack Group

Join a community of nurses, student nurses, and international graduates where we ask everything under the sun related to nursing!

Join The Mentorship Prep Plus Program for only...
$99.99 per month!


Mentorship Prep Plus 100% Money Back Guarantee

Badge of satisfaction guarantee

Many companies claim 99% or 100% pass rates and make unrealistic promises. We don't do that, and never will. If you feel this program does not deliver on everything we've promised, then you can get a 100% refund. We're not new to this and we have the results that prove it.

If following your Mentor and adhering to their advice doesn't make you feel like you're ready to take the NCLEX® Exam... Just let us know and we will give you a full refund. This program is designed for you to have success.

Every Mentor and Educator we have on-staff has over 10 years of educational experience. If you are not satisfied with your Mentor - we recommend you ask for a refund.

This is how confident we are in Mentorship Prep Plus Program! If you're not happy, you don't pay. It's that simple.

Got a question about the program?  Our FAQ covers everything from payments, to what’s in the course, and information about how to get your school or employer to cover the costs. If your question isn’t answered here then Email Us


We have real-world experience mentoring students. We use real data to back our process. Most importantly, we work individually with each student. Most programs do not offer one-on-one training for the same price point. We are continually improving our program to deliver the absolute best experience for our students. Our complete focus with this program is to enable you to go test confidently and get your nursing license.

The Mentorship Prep Plus program is on sale currently for $99.99 per month.

Yes, Yes, and Yes! Zero questions asked. No contract, terms, or fees. Push of a button, and voila! We make life super simple, but we’re sure you’ll love the program.

Our courses are all designed to maximize your learning style. Depending on your needs and available time, you can go through the entire program in 30 days!

Once you’re on any monthly subscription, you will have access to the content and mentors 24/7.

Yes. If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, simpley let us know and we will refund you. It’s that simple! No questions asked.

We don’t claim that every student will pass their exam, as every student is different. What we do claim is that if you follow our direction, listen to our mentors, and stay commited, you will join the 97% of our students who do pass their NCLEX.

Join The Mentorship Prep Plus Program for only...
$99.99 per month!